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Kailua Stool [denim]

Kailua Stool [denim]

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W 11.42''(29cm) x D 11.42''(29cm) x H 11.81''(30cm)

Weight: 7.2 lbs

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Small but mighty, the Kailua Stool is strong enough to withstand endless playdates, kick up your feet, and show off all your houseplants. Stick it by your front door to add interest to your entryway, put it by your dorm room bed with a lamp, or place it by a window to show off your prized houseplants. Versatile enough to go in any room, this stool is durable and easy to put together. In fact, our modular, click-to-connect proprietary design means it’ll only take you a few minutes to put together and start enjoying this stylish stool.

Easy to Assemble

o It doesn’t take long to put together the Kailua Stool! All you need is a few minutes, and that’s it – no complicated instructions or a bunch of random tools. All you have to do is slide each piece into place, click it together, and your new stool is ready to enhance your space’s functionality and aesthetics.

Strength and Durability

o Your Kailua Stool is durable enough to last through multiple life stages. Our products are made from high-density fiberboard, which can last for decades longer than traditional particleboard.

Fits in Every Room

o One of the best things about our Kailua Stool is that it’s incredibly versatile. There’s a place for it in nearly every room in your condo, apartment, or dorm, and it’s versatile enough to be used for more than one purpose. It’s a great fit for your bedroom, entryway, living area, home office, or any other spot that needs something extra.

Environmentally Friendly

o We care about the planet, which is why our Kailua Stool and other furniture pieces are made using materials and processes that won’t harm the environment. We use sustainable materials as well as eco-friendly finishes, adhesives, and elements.

Advanced Structural Design Engineering

o Our proprietary click-to-assemble system makes putting together our furniture pieces quick and easy. We also use no-waste 3D printed materials during the manufacturing process and injection-mold technology as part of our mission to use ethical designs.

High-Tech Precision Manufacturing

o During manufacturing, we use a precision-cut CNC manufacturing process that limits material waste. As a result, we can provide a higher level of quality at a lower price point.

Modular Design

o Our Kailua Stool is inspired by mid-century design and fits in any room. These modular designs can be used in conjunction with other pieces, providing function and interesting design.

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