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Kailua Table [mist]

Kailua Table [mist]

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W 23.23''(59cm) x D 23.23''(59cm) x H 19.69''(50cm)

Weight: 19.1 lbs

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Looking for your new favorite living room accent piece? The Kailua Table is it! Inspired by mid-century design, this small but impactful table is an excellent accent piece for your living room, bedroom, or home office, especially if you’re tight on space. Use it as a side table next to your couch or a nightstand next to your bed for extra convenience and style. The best part? You can have this table set up in just a few minutes! Simply slide and click all the pieces together and get ready to decorate your Kailua Table.

Easy to Assemble

o No need to get out of your toolbox and follow 60 pages of complicated instructions to install this table. Simply slide each piece into place and then click it together, and you’ll be able to use the Kailua Table in around five minutes or less, thanks to our patented friction/tension coupling system.

Strength and Durability

o We use hard, high-density fiberboard (HDF) to make our furniture pieces. Compared with particleboard, this material is much more durable and lasts much longer.

Fits in Every Room

o The Kailua Table is incredibly versatile and can fit in nearly any room in your apartment, condo, or dorm. Use it as a functional side table between two chairs or next to your bed as a stylish nightstand.

Environmentally Friendly

o We use processes and materials that are environmentally friendly to create our furniture pieces. For example, the Kailua Table is made from sustainable materials and eco-friendly adhesives, elements, and finishes.

Advanced Structural Design Engineering

o Thanks to our proprietary click-to-assemble system that makes putting together our pieces incredibly easy, we also use no-waste 3D printed materials during manufacturing. We’re committed to using ethical designs.

High-Tech Precision Manufacturing

o We don’t want the cost of our furniture pieces to break the bank. During manufacturing, we use a precision-cut CNC process designed to limit waste and save money while still offering a high level of quality.

Modular Design

o Fun and functional, the Kailua Table’s modular design makes it a fun, easy piece to use anywhere in your living space. Nestle it with our stools for a modern look.

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