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Zion Coffee Table [stone]

Zion Coffee Table [stone]

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W 31.10''(79cm) x D 31.10''(79cm) x H 15.36''(39cm)

Weight: 28.7 lbs

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Put your coffee table together faster than you can brew a pot of coffee! Ideal for living rooms, playrooms, and home offices, the Zion Coffee Table is built to last. This stylish piece features a mid-century design, and its unique look makes it the perfect piece when you need a stylish yet simple coffee table. Don’t worry about it collapsing – our patented click-to-connect system and durable materials will make it the strongest coffee table you’ve ever used. Stack on your books, your plants, your dishes, your remotes, and everything else that belongs on your coffee table without any worry.

Easy to Assemble

o It only takes about five minutes to put together the Zion Coffee Table. And the best part is that you don’t need a complicated instruction book or tools to do it. Simply slide each piece into place, click them together, and you’re set!

Strength and Durability

o The Zion Coffee Table is made from high-density fiberboard, a material that lasts much longer than traditional particle board. Put this coffee table together and expect it to last a lifetime.

Fits in Every Room

o There’s no wrong way to style the Zion Coffee Table and no wrong place to put it. Use it in your apartment’s living room or in the playroom as a play table, and you’ve got the perfect stylish and functional surface for eating, kicking your feet up, or playing.

Environmentally Friendly

o We believe that designs are only good when they have minimal impact on the environment. We’re reducing the footprint of the furniture industry with our long-lasting, sustainable materials, ethical sourcing, and eco-friendly elements.

Advanced Structural Design Engineering

o We ethically design our pieces with our snap-together approach that uses a proprietary click-to-assemble system. We also make our pieces with no-waste 3D printed materials and injection-mold technology.

High-Tech Precision Manufacturing

o We digitally design our pieces and use a precision-cut CNC manufacturing process to maximize material usage. This enables us to mass produce our low-cost, high-quality products that make it even easier to enhance your home.

Modular Design

o Furniture should be fun! Make your apartment, condo, or dorm more fun and functional with the addition of our Zion Coffee Table.

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